Haluminous, founded in 2016 by Hannah Kim, showcased their AW17 collection in an ethereal and expressive presentation, inspired by the lily and body. Curiously blurring fashion and drama, the presentation was intense and departed from the standard catwalk format that is synonymous with fashion.

The show opened with a video focussing on a ghostly figure, the whiteness and purity of the lily matched by the production and hospital-gown-esque outfit worn: themes that would continue throughout. With red lighting, and a centre-piece occupied by a model with contorted movements: highly animal; highly twisted and an appropriate focal point for the ensuing show, the select looks had a limited palette: white, red, with a couple of flashes of metallic tones.

Drawing on gothic themes, commenting on eternity, and also inspired by poem written by Kim herself, which was read by the first model on the floor, Haluminous’ collection featured light satins with edgy jewellery adorning a number of looks, made from safety pins. With embroidered lilies, standing out from the simple designs, and beaded detail, again in red and white, the show had a semblance: the lily recurrent and the body the foundation around this.

Whilst the collection was purposefully simple, the presentation was not. Kim is a creative force who orchestrated an artwork, in which fashion played a vital part.

Words by Luke Connolly

Photos by Maja Jankowska

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