House of Middle East & Asia (House of MEA), an initiative developed by FAD International Academy of India and Dubai, provides a platform to incubate and promote regional talent from the Middle East and Asia. 

Kajal Patel’s Autumn/Winter 2017 bridal and occasion wear flawlessly balances traditional Indian textiles with contemporary shapes and accents. ‘The Gold Collection’ oozes opulence using simple gold silk on traditional draped frames, intricate gold detailing on cream cottons and silks, and dramatic origami fans falling from waist. Chiffon, silk organza and embroidered cotton in various tones of gold formed art deco style structured shapes onto traditional bridal wear, establishing a modern artistic approach to Indian bridal wear. 

Felix Bendish’s ‘Oxygen’ collection juxtaposes experimental accessories and accents with conventional yet striking textile and shapes. Crystal encrusted mouthpieces, sparkling wool purses and pink, feathered chest plates protruding from the shoulders expresses creative drama and contrasts with simple white cream silhouettes. Bendish’s designs also integrate various textures: wool, leather, foiled chiffons, and lurex, to form vibrant garments, whilst still adopting a limited palette of creams, reds, and muted greens. 

Nivedita Saboo’s Autumn/Winter 2017 luxury collection infuses traditional Indian techniques with western textures and silhouettes. Menswear consisted of blue or black wool structured jackets, embellished with leather geometric panelling and collars, over monochrome leaf printed trousers. Womenswear was also utilitarian in structure, transforming feminine shapes and chiffon textures using leather, wool and belts replacing buttons. 

Words by Laura Cawdron

Photography by Tiffany Lin

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