Inter National Institute of Fashion Design in association with The London School of Trends presented ‘Preservation’, a showcase of eight up and coming designers.  

Jatin Kanwar’s collection, inspired by the night sky and galaxies it contains, consisted of velvet and organza. Creative shapes were adorned with stones and beading, projecting ideas of magic and mystery, playfully experimenting with light in Kanwar’s pieces.

Sabah Shabnam sought to revive ancient technique of Kashida through the collection “Amazing Kashmir”. The historical embroidery informs the collection through style and the inspiration, resulting in precise tailoring, overlays of sheer fabrics and strong shoulders.

Roshni Gupta drew creative inspiration from the origins of India, echoed in the particular use of earthy tones and flower motifs. The sharp, driven tailoring in a pair of shorts reminds the audience that Gupta has designed with a precision alongside a light heart.

Urvi Vira’s vibrant pieces, inspired by vehicle art, is pop at it’s most playful. Slogans embossed onto primary coloured jumpers construct a conversation between the audience and designer, one loud extravagance. A singular red ribbon streaming from the upper arm of one model adds a note of dainty thoughtfulness.

Jimmy Devda presented an architectural collection inspired by the Hotel Taj in Mumbai, reimagining traditional structures and so altering the perspective of the audience. Soft gold patterns upon neoprene indicate a fusion of indian heritage and modernity.

Faiz Zariwala’s work imitates the organic notions of rhythm and flow, gold shimmer embroidered onto dresses interacting with the light. The intricacies of Zariwala’s ruffled, textured pieces are given space to dominate by the minimal hair styling.

Pradyna Kamble collection, entitled Petrichor, is inspired by Kutch in India. The potential of leather is maximised, and teased into streamline silhouettes. Circular cut outs refresh the aesthetic, whilst an unusual use of line and direction create the feeling of ‘Petrichor’- the pleasant smell that follows the first rain after a period of heat.

Komila Lalwani drew inspiration from Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain in California, and transformed the ideas of liberation to a collection warm with shades of yellow and bell sleeves. A heavily beaded bikini confirms the collection as based in a free flowing reality, where liberation is found through confidence and beauty.