DB Berdan was founded in Istanbul and is for anyone that who enjoys bold statements, vivid colours and sarcastic humour. This quirky brand uses their prints to tell a story and explore their visions surrounding social rights movements. Inspiration taken from street and underground culture demonstrates influences from their London surroundings. These visions and ideologies are displayed through their use of slogan prints and illustrations that can be found throughout their collections. 

We caught up with the brand backstage at Fashion Scout Spring Summer 19 to find out more about their collaboration with Reebok for this season, and the importance of LGBTQ+ movements in their work.

What sparked the collaboration with Reebok?


This is our first season with Reebok, our previous season was with Pepsi, Pepsi Turkey. This time we did a different collab with them so they’ve actually brought us pre-made clothes and we’ve reconstructed and deconstructed them so that pants are sleeves.


Was it easy was it incorporating the political stand within the collection?


Of course, because in Turkey as well we’ve had this LGBTQ stand going on there was a band on at Pride, LGBTQ Pride, we’ve made them move to the runway and to take a stand. So we just continued doing that and it was about a comment by Boris Johnson about Burka women being bank robbers, we can’t stand people who mimic what women are wearing. 

We’re eager to see what the Fashion Scout designer will do next, which underground movement will inspire their next socially aware collection.

Words by Ellie Pinder & Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins