IRYNVIGRE, a London-based fashion label founded by IRYN VI in 2015, creates timeless and versatile staples for people who appreciate the intricacies behind the craftsmanship of their unique pieces. Despite the demands of modernity, IRYNVIGRE is invested in promoting the principles of sustainable fashion; by supporting the work of ateliers, the label embodies the essence of authenticity.

IRYNVIGRE proudly belongs to the slow fashion movement, which champions the act of designing and buying unique pieces that display quality, and prove to be long-lasting. In light of the label’s functionality, the collection embraces minimalism, whilst retaining the eclectic vision of the designer, IRYN VI.

A futuristic narrative lies at the heart of the latest AW17/18 collection, as the fabric is utilised as a language to communicate the transition of a society in motion. The collection favours warm ‘human’ colours, ranging from soft greys to vibrant reds; with ease, each shade is enhanced by the soft silhouettes which flow down the catwalk. The oversized jackets and coats engulf the models, yet they do not appear alienating to the eye. The soft forms are offset by the raw, rough edges, giving a sense of simplicity to the collection. 

Artfully, IRYNVIGRE’s collection appeals to the feeling of comfort and familiarity despite conveying the inevitability of a future to come. The label’s nuanced approach to futurism departs from the cold iron figures that dominate the narrative, and instead merges a sense of humanity to the artificiality of technical progress.

Words by Aisha Diomande

Photography by Ellouise Gray 

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