Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Parson’s graduate Jaewoo Lee showcases her exceptional Spring/Summer 17 collection at Fashion Scout. Jaewoo Lee’s designs are the product of her understanding of the soul of fabric, and the reimagination of their engineering, texture and colour.

The simplicity and quality composition of the garments demonstrate Lee’s understanding of fabrics, with traditional masculine silhouettes blazing down the runway with an ultra-feminine style. The collection is a celebration of femininity in a world of masculinity. Men’s jackets and shirts have been reconstructed in a way that is similar to old fashioned tailcoats to highlight feminine features by cropping and belting at the waist, with plunging necklines and sweetheart corsets against a backdrop of masculine silhouettes.

Shocking pink coats hide professional, tailored garments, their masculinity softened by the fabrics and colour. Emphasised collars in pure white provide connotations to a man of business, but with feminine twists for the modern women who are just as powerful as their male counterparts. The elongated hems and shirtsleeves hinted at woman playing dress up in men’s clothes, but when accessorised with court shoes and loafers, and each model sporting a smart professional bun, you know Jaewoo Lee means business. The atmosphere created by the collection is one of powerful femininity. 

Photography: Caitlin Davis

Writing: Millie Collier