Proud sponsor, Kryolan make-up, has returned to Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 18. The Berlin based brand has been working with creative industries like film, theatre and television for over 70 years. Equipped with an extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality, cruelty free products and accessories, they are able to excel in creative make-up looks that bring the collections alive. The teams of professional artists carefully plan our the looks and delve into their array of products to transform the models completely.

By generating a series of colour-true products that work well with HD lighting, the Kryolan team go above and beyond to meets the demands of such a fast-paced environment. The vast collection of palettes, lipsticks and pigments and the selection of tools are all laid out all in preparation for the magic to begin. The ornate, playful and daring looks come together efficiently in preparation for the show to begin.

Alongside their show-stopping creations, the brand prides itself in being one of the first make-up brands to wear their own products. Kryolan’s formulas are designed to be wearable for any skin type because they works closely with dermatologists, displaying how invested the brand is in the quality of all of their products.




Words by Ellie Pinder