Le Sillage: Innovative and Avant-Garde

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The penultimate catwalk show at Fashion Scout SS20 was innovative, showing avant-garde pieces that projected the audience into a new era of fashion. Far from the conventional brands that populate China’s contemporary fashion market, Le Sillage delivered a show that introduced the audience to a new and exciting era.

The first section of pieces from the collection set the pace, showing that the brand came to Fashion Scout to make a statement: that in this multicultural era, a modern fashion brand shouldn’t conform and blindly pursue fashion imitation. 

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The all-black, minimalistic and gender-fluid part of the collection was followed by vertically cut garments, these presented graffiti-inspired paintings and needlework embroidery. They generated a collection with new-wave influences that deconstructs the shapes of dresses, blazers and skirts. 

Overall, this brand makes its way into the fashion world with refreshing and innovative ideas that stand out from mainstream fashion, and the line seems to promise that we will soon be able to see more original creations from these brilliant designers. 

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Nici Eberl 20190915 Le Sillage GDrive-8250.jpg
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Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Nici Eberl and Deborah Smith

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