Limkokwing's Soirée of Sequins

Limkokwing University’s AW19 show completed the weekend of shows at Fashion Scout and let’s just say, the best are always saved until last. Despite being shown late on a Sunday evening, the audience was bustling with excitement and energy for the new collection by the university that is recognised worldwide as a leading force in innovation and design.

Limkokwing olivia ferrara forbes5.JPG
Limkokwing olivia ferrara forbes.JPG

Whilst artists such as Whitney Houston and Post Malone played, the show became a soirée of sequins, tassels and bows. Limkokwing’s clothing consists of oversized silhouettes, puffed sleeves and larger than life skirts that are all either entirely sequinned or covered in feathers, lace or, more often than not, an amalgamation of the three.

Limkokwing olivia ferrara forbes10.JPG

These larger than life sparkly and feathered pieces were broken up by the occasional suit – an obviously oversized blazer with statement shoulders was followed by a slightly more unconventional trouser suit with panels missing, kept together by leather buckles. This wasn’t the only sighting of leather throughout the collection – feathered lace blouses were styled with leather pencil skirts, and a high neck, long sleeved sequin wrap top was styled with leather cargo pants that not only manage to look both chic and cool, but fulfil every woman’s lifelong desire for clothing with practical pockets.

Limkokwing, Laura De Meo 07.jpg

The collection was beautiful and eclectic. The Limkokwing woman is a powerful, matrix-like woman who knows she is just as strong in head-to-toe sequins as she is in leather suspender trousers. She is immensely cool, is ready to party at any time and knows how to wear an oversized pussy bow blouse.

By Sophie Winfield

Photography by Laura De Meo and Olivia Ferrera-Forbes