Malan Breton: Death at the Disco

Malan Breton’s SS20 collection, “Death at the Disco” closed the first day of Fashion Scout with a series of disco-inspired ball gowns. 

Nici Eberl 20190913 Malan Breton GDrive-3120.jpg

Entertaining the audience and accompanying the garments was a performance by a range of musicians and dancers. The show started with a performance from the singer, Mari Burelle who sang in Spanish and English.


Sequins, crocodile print and satin reigned supreme on the catwalk. Tailored menswear garments in leather, cotton and brocade featured alongside voluminous womenswear pieces.

This collection is celebrating the 15th year of Breton’s work. He chose this season to celebrate one of the founders of Studio 54, Ian Shrager. An analogy of the evergreen style of the 70s, it’s exuberant looks and the characters who made the decade famous.


To continue the sequence of performances, three women with pink hair — a group known as Emergency Tiara — dressed in blue, came down the catwalk and sang. The trio were soon followed by yet another incredible performance by a couple of ballet dancers from the Royal Ballet. Everyone’s jaws dropped as they pirouetted on the catwalk to the notes of soft classical music. 

Nici Eberl 20190913 Malan Breton GDrive-3266.jpg

This show took the guests back in time to an era of elegance and luxurious parties. To close the show, Breton walked down the catwalk to thank the audience, who then followed him to an after party at 50 Baker Street.

Nici Eberl 20190913 Malan Breton GDrive-7531.jpg

Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Nadine Petzke and Nici Eberl

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