Mark Fast’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection radiates a delicate balance between the tradition of the raw materials themselves with romantic silhouettes using innovative and exciting stitching techniques compiled of wool and lycra. The collection combined seamlessly fluid dresses, feathered trouser jumpsuits, and a weightless two piece accompanied by a hooded jumper.

Fast, born and bred in Canada, graduated from Central Saint Martins in both a BA and Masters, swiftly becoming one of the most talked about designers in the industry. With collaborations with Pinko, Christian Louboutin and Swarovski, a four season sponsorship deal from the British Fashion Council and Topshop, Mark is now a world-renowned household name.

The Vestibule location was more than befitting for a front row packed with high profile clientele, with the elegant gates and gold detailed ceilings providing an exceptional backdrop for the contemporary yet almost ethereal vision Mark has created.  

The eclectic adoption of domestic knitting machines, hand stitching and knitting circles in Devonshire, Scotland and Brittany has led to outstanding results with a sweeping spectrum of various knitwear techniques such as fishnet, feathering and crochet in exceptional colours such as burnt orange, sky blue and a light plum.

Unlike his previous collections, intricate beadwork was prominent in the show, both interlaced within the fishnet styled knitwear to sculpt around the upper body, and with a heavy beading adorning the bottoms of light knit shift dresses. This curation of textiles gave the pieces a bottom-heavy art deco or bohemian edge. In certain pieces all these techniques were used, alongside ribbed and leather mock neck undershirts, flawlessly juxtaposing each other to form elegant and sophisticated dresses.

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