Masque BAR Competition!

MasqueBAR, the experts in at-home sheet masks, were on hand during London Fashion Week to ensure our models and guests were kept looking and feeling fresh.

After London Fashion Week, many attendees, from models to photographers, influencers to writers, are left seeing the damage of minimal sleep in the condition of their skin. With Masque BAR as a sponsor this year, everyone was able to keep the telling under eye circles to a minimum!

masque bar 2.jpg

The quick to use sheets are a non invasive way to refresh your skin, for a variety of different skin types, so don't worry if you've not found a face mask that works for you may have just found it. 

For the chance to win some of the innovative beauty products, developed in South Korea, the beauty capital of the world, just answer the question below, along with your email and name so that we can contact you should you win! 

The competition closes on Friday 10th March

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How long does it take for Masque BAR products to improve your skin?
Masque BAR competition
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