Lisbon based design house, Morecco Lisboa presented their second full collection at Fashion Scout this afternoon. The creator Joao Magalhaes’ took inspiration from his research of Buddhist and Tibetan costume. Other elements transcended from deep sea diving, producing the idea of a ‘utopian sea”.

Contrasting to their Autumn/Winter collection, which heavily featured elements of boldly coloured fur, this season focused of the fluidity and the movement of silks and natural fibres. However, draped navy blue fur and leather still featured. Jackets in sheer organza were structurally molded, adding a component of tailoring to the collection. 

Chants begin to play as the lights dimmed, with strong beats picking up as a voiceover played.

Ruching formed shapely garments, with flowing silk sleeves trailed behind as models graced the catwalk with fluid movement. Colours ranged from deep blues and dark greens, to bold oranges and warmer pink tones.

 Ornate hand made headpieces, which transmitted the idea of coral, adorned backcombed updo’s and the twisted braids of the models.

The shaved heads of some models again reinforced the influence from Tibetan culture, whilst neon dots painted on the foreheads of some give a nod to Buddhist culture. Neon shadows surrounded the eyes, expelling bright colour as the lights hit. 

Stiletto heels with Perspex features were worn by both genders, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. 

Photography: Caitlin Davis

Writer: Madi Weight