Focused on progression through innovation, the Argentine Nous Etudions, was created by Romina Cardillo in 2014. Since then, the minimalist, heavily tailored and vegan silhouettes have graced the catwalk of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Chile, collaborated with YOOX on 'The Next Green Talents' and now, joins Aucarre and Price on Request as Fashion Scout's SS19 Ones to Watch! 

With SS19 featuring a biotextile collaboration with Franco Nencini, we caught up with Romina to hear more about the sustainable ethos of the brand, why non-binary gender identity is integral and how paradigm shifts inspire his work. 


Congratulations on being named a One to Watch! How did you feel when you found out?

I’m very happy, I love being selected for this award. It makes me feel that the way I chose for my designs is valued and this fills me with pride. 


What has inspired your Spring Summer 2019 collection?

Creatures of the universe. The second Nous capsule is called "Creatures of the universe". 

It is inspired by nature, shapes and textures. In this capsule, a new look is sought for a new nomad individual who questions defining himself.

Experimenting with new Nous biotextiles in collaboration with Franco Nencini, who researched the development of a textile based on black tea, sugar and a handful of microorganisms that ferment and create cellulose, he got a unique biotextile developed from kombucha. With this raw material and other exclusive Nous Etudions develops a collection of deconstructed tailoring that is complemented by a line of accessories. 


How do you stay inspired?

I always try to tell what happens to me as a designer. The nature and changes of paradigms that we are living make this always in search of new challenges and keep me inspired.


What themes and concepts are you exploring this season?

The issues of sustainability, diversity and inclusiveness that are penetrating the industry. 


Themes of sustainability, diversity and inclusivity are permeating the industry. What changes would you like to make through your work?

That the consumer increasingly has proposals from wandering designers so that the fashion path is closer to a sustainable industry.


What shall we look out for at your SS19 show?

The developments of complex and commercial molds. Textures developed by hand and the incorporation of bio textiles.


Where do you hope to be next season?

I would like to found all my designs in differents stores around the world and to continue with the presentations at the fashion weeks.




Interview by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins