Susan Fang, London based conceptual brand and Fashion Scout AW18 One To Watch is busy preparing to showcase as part of the Ones To Watch catwalk show at 14:30 on Saturday 17th February. We caught up with the designer, who has experience with Céline, Stella McCartney and Kei Kagami, to hear how the show preparations are going, and what ideas will be explored through the new collection. 

How did you feel when you were named as a One To Watch for AW18?

I felt extremely excited for this amazing opportunity to showcase my labels debut collection. Its an honoured to be awarded for Ones to watch with Fashion Scout this season. For an emerging designer and brand Fashion Scout is a great platform and show to immediately be seen by such a wide audience and press.

What messages do you hope to convey through your work?

The label's vision is to create innovative design through textile, silhouette, and representation of wear in each collection to bring new perception of womenswear and clothing.

New possibilities of perception is introduced between the human body and dress, for this reason, reflective thoughts over perception of beauty and the instinctive allure of nature-its precise mathematical formula are explored to dissect the conventional sartorial adornment and leads to design and textile innovation consisting of dimensional colours and mirage movement, creating an ethereal illusion. Instead of trend or style or even an aesthetic, Susan’s evolutionary garments are able to surpass the realm of design and embody the classification of fine art.

How has your career progressed to reach this point?

 As the brand's mindset is very pure, I put my biggest focus into design only. This is the brand's official debut collection, which process is extremely experimental, relying heavily on months of fabric development and complete hand making process, yet it is intensely enjoyable as it fulfilled the brands original vision. This new collection is extremely exciting as I feel the fabric innovation is harmonious with the accessibility in wear.

What can we expect from your pieces this season?

This new collection 'AIRWAVE' should bring a feeling of entire freedom. The size is completely uni-size, because with the introduction of air-weave technique, the fabric obtains a  natural mobility from 2-D to 3-D, the shadows and colours is unidentical to each different body contour that allows the wearer herself to become and individual art piece.

What are your plans for the future?

The future plans is to allow the brand to continue its original vision,  and focus of make experimental and innovative collections.  I hope to bring newer inspiration each season. 

For ticket requests to the prestigious Ones To Watch show at 14:30 on Saturday 17th February, contact Nicola Hitchens on