Anissa Aida is one of this season’s Fashion Scout One To Watch award winners. Anissa, who was born in Paris and grew up between Paris and Tunisia, is a Fashion Design graduate of Parsons.

Having lived in a number of countries, Anissa has been exposed to different cultures and observed the way culture interacts with fashion. Her collection aims to explore this relationship, by fusing together the traditional garments of different cultures. Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship and shapes of her Tunisian culture, such as the kimono, caftan and Sarouels pants, which are also notable traditional clothes of oriental cultures, and with an appreciation for western garments such as shirts and collars, the fusion of the two has given the traditional styles a new lease of life in modern fashion.

Shirts and collars we would consider as parts of a restrictive uniform are transformed with the relaxed structures of tradition and fabrics. The calming colour palette of whites and blues had a simple yet significant effect on the deconstructed jackets, contrast lapels and silk fabrics. There was an obvious appreciation for oriental cultures, with nods to mandarin collars and chopstick hair accessories. The eyewear provided by Specsavers helped incorporate the Western style. 

Photography: Nic Ford

Writing: Millie Collier