Pam Hogg, the legendary musician, designer and artist, is well known for her innovative creativity that often contains political undertones.

There was a feeling of something incredibly important about to unfold before the show began, with music legends such as Bobby Gillespie in attendance. There were bleach blonde hairstyles in harsh 50’s rolls, alongside Bowie-esque red undercuts, with floaty white bell sleeves that together created an aura of retro glam.

The spirit of the radical 80’s and Hogg’s own grunge inclinations ensure this spring/summer 17 collection is powerful, meaningful and rife with a stylised controversy. The authenticity of Pam Hogg is what makes her art so special, as the dedication shown through this cohesive collection demonstrates.

The nature of self-taught design is naturally less restricted by tradition, as can be seen in the pop art, patchwork pieces Hogg attached to spandex jumpsuits. There was an atmosphere of electricity and excitement preceding Hogg’s show, and a satisfied glow after she was clapped down the runway.

The models represented a range of humanity, and encouraged a reconsideration of preconceived ideas about what a stereotypical model looks like, replicating the non-conformist attitude Hogg exudes.