Point Blank ._ is the multidisciplinary design collective headed by creative duo Yanyu Chung and Adrienne Lau, fashion designer and architectural designer. Previous collections from the pair have been more than just a fashion show, providing a a three dimensional experience for the viewers and the SS17 ‘Dive In’ collection was no different. This collection was inspired by the 1967 masterpiece by David Hockney, “The Bigger Splash”, and how objects and environments are distorted by water.

We were transported from rainy London to mid-summer California as models floated down the runway in a hypnotic trance underneath a suspended layer of reflective mylar, transforming the catwalk into a underwater pool. A cocktail tray was lazily pushed around by the models, the atmosphere heavy with the lethargy of an American summer. The wet hair look, seen on many runways this season, was accompanied by a wet make-up look. By using plastic tabs and high-gloss lipstick they maintained the underwater vibe. Palm trees and monstera leaves were printed in neon lace and foils against backdrops of red, white and blue on sweatshirts and board shorts. Bold stripes featured on some of the garments and pleats with detailed inserts added to the retro glamour of the sixties. Girls wearing cut-out swimsuits in bold colours with contrast prints sipped cocktails from a tray, adding to the atmosphere of a lazy summers day by the pool.

Yangyu Chung and Adrienne Lau create their projects by clashing styles and aesthetics and fusing luxury fashion with streetwear to produce original designs. Their projects a re a messy exploration of art in all it’s forms: fashion, film, subculture and taste. 

Photography: Jamie Waters

Writing: Millie Collier