N&S Gaia represented by Sidharth Sinha, is a contemporary womenswear label based in New Delhi. Ahead of N&S Gaia's spring summer 18 catwalk show, the beauty looks backstage were pushing boundaries as the artistic potential of make up was explored.  

With reference to the natural world through embroidery and delicate silhouettes, the collection was awash with creativity, beauty and fairytale elements. We caught up with the designer to hear how the collection was received by the guests at Fashion Scout SS18.

What was your show/presentation for SS18 inspired by?

Creating a subtle sense of a day dream with an innate colourful nature, the SS18 collection revolves around transformation of existence surrounding Mother Earth. The collection paints the story of how nature starts with almost nothing – just a molecule; where we as humanity and as souls create our own world of existence. The shapes are fluid with constructed drapes offset by elements such as wide flairs, pleating and volumized sleeves. Hand woven detailing sits alongside Bugle beads embroidery.

How did you find showing your collection this season?

We are always very kicked about showcasing in London. This season at Fashion Scout was as pleasant for our young brand as our previous editions with it.

We also look forward for Fashion Scout to invite even more buyers in future and help emerging brands like ours to connect further in UK and more.

What was your favourite part of showing with Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week?

We always love to showcase here at Fashion Scout. The whole team here is so efficient, warm and cooperating that for an offshore brand like ours, it still feels like home.

This was the most diverse season we’ve ever had. Which of the other designers shows did you enjoy/ do you wish you had seen, if you didn’t see any others?

We feel that there is always something to look forward to in every showcase which takes place at Fashion Scout and that every brand is special in its own way.


We are working on our connection with both domestic and International market. We also believe in long term and consistent growth, with many more shows in London. As a brand we will always evolve but the core will stay the same, a major tribute to nature in its various forms.



Words by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins

Photography by Rory James