Reliable and efficient, Propress Professional Streamers, have once again made Fashion Scout that little bit easier backstage. Their conscious efforts to ensure the designer’s creations are looking their very best doesn’t go a miss. When the lights beam down and the first model is about to step onto the catwalk, you can be sure that the dress she is wearing is in perfect condition.

With over 30 years of manufacturing their top of the range streamers, Propress have build a great reputation with clientele ranging from Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Mango, Next. As well as Bridal dress companies such as Brides of Winchester. Leading fashion designer’s kick started Propress Steamers’ success once they realised how valuable, effective and fast the Propress steamers were. Their great amount of success is also due to their experience in a variety of fabrics, not just clothing. Silk, leather, carpet and even lampshades, they are able to offer their quality services to many different clients and adapt to their every needs.

The brands founder, Brian Fillery, was a fashion agent who saw first hand how vital it was to remove the creases from fabric so garments are displayed in the best fashion. Brands worldwide have recognised how great Propress Steamers were, this pushed the sales of their steamers immensely and and they now export to over 30 countries in 5 continents.