Olga Roh, the creative and business force behind Rohmir, presented her spring/summer collection in the gallery of Freemasons Hall, a noble backdrop to pieces that emulate similar themes of established elegance.

Rohmir’s show began with a film short interspersed with stills, featuring a large house with plush grounds, creating a sensory experience that ended with the front row doused in perfume.

The models held beautiful lilies, bringing the flower motifs from the dresses into reality.  String instruments filled the gallery with a flow that continues through the performance, as ballet dancers began to sway and twist down the catwalk. Later, the dancers took Rohmir’s signature scarves and used them as props with flourish.

With an origin in Russian nobility, indications of affluence seamlessly inform a collection based around silks and lace. The essentially feminine pieces and hair adorned with gold jewellery are an expression of Roh’s personal, classical style as could be seen when she joined the models on the runway. There were beaded kimono’s, full circle skirts and skirt suits appropriate for the lady that attends business meetings before dining in the late evening in cities across the world.

The dancing, saxophone and strings came together behind dresses and skirts in classic silhouettes, with the symmetrical movement of the ballet dancers bodies becoming the epitome of approachable elegance that Rohmir’s work portrays.