Swiss fashion designer and Creative Director, Olga Roh, showcased another exquisite collection for Rohmir’s AW18 season. Championing elaborate and opulent prints with structured silhouettes, the show was awash with the designer’s passion for theatricality and timelessness.

The show began with a ballet dancer, elaborately adorned in red-pink printed organza, turning her way down the catwalk while the dress fanned out magnificently with every turn. Each of the colour palettes in the show was then flawlessly broken up with performances from other dancers.

Combining the sumptuous style of Monaco with an impeccably polished Parisian radiance, the show included her signature structured trouser suits in silk and lace, in a magnificent spectrum of colours and tones. From dark green to bright white, distinguished gold to classic navy, Olga mastered every colour with tantalizing sophistication. Roh also showcased delicately cut childrenswear in silk, wool capes accented in ostrich feather, and intricately sewn metallic wool evening gowns.

Olga Roh flaunted, once again, her incredible and unceasing ability to construct symmetrically silhouetted yet feminine pieces, and excited the audience with her use of elegant textiles and beautifully adorned dancers.


Words by Laura Cawdron

Photography by Becky Mukerji