Sabinna, the London/Vienna based label launched by Sabinna Rachimove in 2014, was the first show of the day to take to the catwalk. VIP’s filled the front rows, delighted by their very own Sabinna patches that awaited them, to watch the now established designer display her Spring/Summer 17 collection, ‘Kinder Karussell’. 

The inspiration stemmed from the stage in a girls’ life, when she fits neither into the category of a child or that of a teenager. Oversized garments reflect the relationship between sisters and the urge to fit into an older siblings clothing.

 As the room goes silent and the lights are dimmed, soft rock begins to play, filling the room with a tense atmosphere. The tempo picks up halfway as upbeat, electronic beats blast from the speakers.

Iridescent lines created by Phyllis Cohen’s ‘Face Lace’, accentuated the eyebrows of the models, harmonising with soft blushed cheeks and lightly reddened lips. Temporary tattoos, matching the printed fabrics, peeked out from underneath modest pieces.

Keeping to the clean cut lines of her previous spring/summer collection, also presented at Fashion Scout last year, Sabinna brought together an eclectic mix of loosely tailored pieces, layered with her signature hand crotchet elements.

Original floral prints brightened each look, further emphasized with miscellaneous floral embellishments and ornate corresponding earrings. The words “mine not yours” intricately woven into the mass of patterns. Colours ranged from soft, blue hues to bold yellows and reds, fitting the approach to spring.

Mid lengths skirts and cropped trousers became a running theme throughout, with denim, organza and wool being amongst the wide array of materials used.

Embroidered motifs adorned the flat mules paired with each look, keeping in line with the practical element of the collection. Elaborate crotchet not only established the base for multiple garments, but was also imaginatively placed on bags and accessories.

In true Central Saint Martin’s graduate style, Sabinna took an artistic approach to female tailoring, experimenting with softer fabrics and layered floral prints to form a lighter, more feminine feel.

Photography: Caitlin Davis

Writing: Madi Weight