Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week hosted Elephantasia, a catwalk focusing on couture and conservation. Elephantasia, from Fashion for Conservation is a campaign that raises funds and awareness for the poaching crisis and features international designers for each of their seasons. In 2016 Elephantasia started a global tour of their exhibition and campaign across the US, Canada, Spain and Europe, leading up to their final show for Fashion Scout SS18. Their mission is“TO FUND CONSERVATION THROUGH THE POWER OF FASHION.” in which their designers unveiled a collection of garments designed to their interpretation of the concept “the elephant”.

Today's fashion industry is focused on producing ethically sourced, and sustainable materials, fabrics, and design methods. While 35,000 elephants are lost every year to ivory poaching, Elephantasia works to heighten consciousness towards threatened species and their habitats. This collection featured international designers, and their approach towards the concept of “the elephant”.

The garments ranged from sleek evening gowns in ivory with prints in the silhouette of elephant trunks, to full ivory suits, and short elephant coloured party dresses. All the silhouettes mimicked elephant shapes, with the long ribbed torsos, shaggy grey and khaki textures, and large oversized sleeves to shadow elephants ears.The colour palette of ivory, khaki, and grey, mixed with the shapes and structures of the garments made you feel connected to their cause.

With a in-house singer chanting on top of elephant and wildlife sounds, this show brought us both a couture runway, and conservation campaign. Ending the show with a brief intro of the background of the charity, the work they do, and insight into the collection, we were able to not only enjoy the show for the designers hard work and determination, but to understand, appreciate, and fight for a great cause.


Words by Maisie Taylor

Photography by Stefan Jakubowski