Nelly Rose presented her GLOBELLE Series, featuring collaborations with artisans from Guatemala, Japan, and Palestine, brought together in the cultural hub of London. This energetic presentation boasted a soundscape by Paul Hanford, fusing tracks collected by Nelly on her travels. The music was accompanied by animations of exclusive artisanal footage, beautifully worked into a fashion film streamed behind the models. The #GlobelleGirls included hand selected models and revolutionary women including Swanzy and Glacier Girl. The fresh make-up enhanced their natural beauty, whilst bright and bold colours were used on the eyelids to create a feathered eyeliner effect, matching rainbow coloured mascara. 

The capsule collection designed collaboratively by Nelly Rose and MEÜS, saw them working with three rural Guatemalan artisan co-operatives. The collaborators consist of Abida - beading, Chuwila - embroidery and Las Rosas - back-strap weaving. The collection named 'Societas', sees bold colours and shapes, embroidered onto monochromatic material, effectively juxtaposed by the intricate beading details and tactile surface of the garments. MEÜS has created conceptual tailoring and shaping, whilst Nelly has 'broken borders and united cultures'. The Japan inspired pieces, stood apart with their abstract patterns and clear brush strokes, which Nelly learnt while attending a calligraphy class whilst in the country. The Palestinian chokers spelt out messages of 'Love', 'Unity' and 'Loud' reinforcing Nelly's passion for an international fashion community. 

The presentation saw the likes of Nick Cave attend to view the lively launch of international platform GLOBELLE. With the models laughing and dancing along to the music, whilst interacting with the spectators, it made for a fun and personable show. 

Words by Zoe Bennetts

Photography by Qavi Reyez  Rory James and Bethan Fielding