Established in 2011, luxury label Hallie Sara debuts at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. New York City based, Hallie Sara captures the essence of couture in an artistic and skilled manner. Looking into current environmental and human rights issues, Sara’s approach towards a bright fashion future means becoming conscious about the methods and techniques used in fashion. Working in the New York fashion district, Hallie Sara works with a support system of artisans, who hand craft each garment and use traditional couture techniques for each collection. 

Hallie Sara can be described as a contemporary luxury brand, creating high quality goods, with a contemporary and modern appearance. Creating pieces that are lavish in design and quality, and will outlive new seasons of “fast fashion” are the two backbones of the brand. Encouraging consumers to think about their purchases rather than complying to a season after season schedule, is the reason Hallie Sara works as a transparent brand.

A muted colour palette of nudes, tape, greys, browns, and whites brought a sleek balance to the pussy bow neck ties, and pleated skirts. Fitted jackets, and tailored trousers brought a formal tone to the womenswear collection, yet each garment in the collection held a timeless form. Hallie Sara brought a collection of chic and minimalist womenswear, that will hold a lasting impression for seasons to come. 


Words by Maisie Taylor

Photography by Lowri Linklater