New York based designer and graduate of Parsons school of Art and Design, Han Wen, debuted his Spring Summer 2018 collection to an overflowing crowd in the Vestibule this afternoon.

Han Wen explores the opposition of things through his designs, pairing masculine silhouettes with feminine sophistication. This collection was inspired by a woman he met in a London barbershop, which she inherited, and was intrigued by the success of a woman in a male dominated industry.

Winner of Fashion Scout’s SS17 Merit Award, he included similar aspects this season such as metal rings and hooks, but departed from the delicacy of sheer fabrics opting for.

This collection featured beautiful silk dresses in orange and green, designs on the backs of tops reminiscent of luggage tags, wide leg trousers, and ruffled dresses styled over t-shirts. Some of the garments read the sayings ‘LOVE IS LOVE’, ‘BLOODY HELL’, and ‘LOST’.

Baggy sleeves on tops and jackets, flowing silk dresses kept together with hooks, along with bold ruffles and pleats were standout design elements from this collection embracing the balance of masculine and feminine.


Words by Olivia Spring

Photos by Bethan Fielding