Hellavagirl “ROCK STAR COUTURE” proudly showed their SS18 collection at Fashion Scout. This jaw dropping collection titled “Human Meat Freaks” represents founder Helen Woollam’s inspiration from all things “flesh, fetish, and guilty pleasures”.  Models paraded down the catwalk in sultry and bold genderless garments. Designed to allow the wearer to express themselves, the viewer is filled with intrigue as a conversation between audience and garment is fought. In past collections, Hellavagirl can be distinguished by high collars, oversized structure, and the rich, dark colour palette. 

For SS18 we saw their signature use of dramatic performance to start the show. Ahead of the models, the atmosphere acrobats made their way down the runway while performing incredible movements. Rainbow sequinned cat suits, with mile high boots were complimented by oversized grappling hook necklaces, and dramatic shoulders.

Hot pink elbow gloves and hints of rainbow sequins brought a flash of colour to the otherwise dark collection. The show-stopping finale piece was a oversized red dress, made from a large bow in the front, with a long voluminous train following behind. Hellavagirl SS18 has not only continued the elaborate and avant-garde approach towards expression, but have maintained their signature mystique that we were hoping for. 


Words by Maisie Taylor

Photography by Bethan Fielding