Innovation X: A Portrait of India held the final show of this years Fashion Scout SS18 during London Fashion Week. Focusing on India’s fashion industry, this event was held to highlight and celebrate established and emerging Indian fashion pioneers. Indian fashion has drastically changed over the years, with designers focus on channeling their work into both maintaining traditional Indian techniques and craft, as well as looking into modern approaches towards the methods used. This show featured 8 labels who have incorporated their heritage into modern techniques used to create their garments. Keeping the garments traditional, yet modern has worked as a way for the designers to make their collections more accessible to a wider audience.

This showcase was split into two halves, with a drinks reception in the middle, where guests could try some traditional Indian foods. Atisha Pratap Singh started the show with a Kuchipudi dance, wearing a traditional Indian floral patterned and embroidered two-piece outfit. The first collection featured yellow dresses with embroidered figures of girls.

The garments weredecorated with phrases like “I am a limited edition” and “Dress how you want to be dressed” was on a green tulle skirt. The intricate detailing included mirrored embroidery, beaded shapes, and many forms of traditional Indian floral patterns. A blue tailored jacket with grey trousers was lined with stripes of black and white. These collections were a perfect way to summarize the designers interest in not only their cultural heritage, but on a more modern approach.


Words by Maisie Taylor

Photography by Stefan Jakubowski