LunYee is a collaborative duo that incorporate both art and design into all their projects. “For LunYee studios, the point is to make clothing and objects that adapt, respond to, and inspire changing conditions for contemporary living” .

LunYee presented their latest SS18 collection on the gallery catwalk. Learning different methods and approaches to everyday living, seen in the way we dress ourselves, is the biggest inspiration behind this duo contributing to their success. Minimal, functional and appealing are three words that summarise this wearable SS18 collection from LunYee. This continues from previous collections, as the personality and thought process you can see the duos train of thought when it comes to their designs. 

Simplicity, represented in a beautiful and sophisticated way, is key. LunYee’s SS18 collection consisted of sleek and modern men's tailoring, and minimalist womenswear. Shades of navy and black appeared throughout the collection, adding to Lunyee’s approach towards fashion reflecting contemporary living. Large belts and accessories detailed with “LUNYEE” scrolled in bold letters made a statement when paired with the simple and sleek designs. 

Women's coats with cut out shoulders layered on ivory silk slip dresses contrasted sleek tailoring with the gentle fabrics used. The manipulation in the tailoring was shown with the asymmetrically hemmed jackets, and trousers. This collection was a harmonious combination of minimalism and modernity to create the perfect balance of feminine womenswear, and tailored menswear. LunYee was a perfect note to finish the second day of Fashion Scout.



Words by Maisie Taylor

Photos by Lowri Linklater and Stefan Jakubowski