Upon entering the gallery, guests were welcomed by an interactive robot that set the scene for the show: Star Wars. When speaking to the designer after the show, he divulged that the inspiration simply came from the fact that he was "really interested in Star Wars, so merged my two interests."

The designer himself featured in the show, modelling a black blazer with white block print on the back. His identity was only revealed at the end when he removed the Darth Vader surgical mask that had covered his face during the show. 

With 'Jedi Master' printed coats, 'Star Wars' hemmed skirts and 'Dark Side' slogan knits, the theme was unmistakable. The show had both male and female models and when speaking to the designer he said that the garments were creating with "no gender"in mind confirming that "anyone can wear it." The pieces were complimented by slicked back, wet-effect hair and smokey eyes. Heavy bass accompanied the models, encouraging the pace to match the pounding beat out in quick succession while the layering, free moving fabrics, and d-ring tassels, created a modern edgy atmosphere. 


Words by Maisie Taylor

Photography by Lowri Linklater