One to Watch winner from SS18, Starsica, has embraced a new system for the consumption of clothing, one that has the potential to change the way the fashion industry functions - a circular economy.

Much like the process we use for recycling, a.k.a use a water bottle, recycle this into another water bottle to be used again and so on, the circular economy focuses on reinvesting energy and resources, lengthening the life of pieces and dramatically reducing waste. For the fashion industry, that has been interpreted into a system of renting clothing as opposed to purchasing pieces.

The benefits of renting clothing means that the consumer can experience the excitement of a new piece, for a smaller price tag, and without accumulating clothing that won’t be worn again. It increases the life span of the garment and the accessibility, without increasing production or waste.

Starsica is paving the way for these system, with his pieces listed and available to rent on Wear The Walk. Many other independent designers are taking part, with their pieces available to rent from various different platforms.

Wear the Walk is the first subscription service enabling consumers to wear the latest trends in a truly sustainable way. It’s simple: pay a monthly subscription, hire items from the best independent luxury designers, and rotate for new ones when you want. Date night? We’ve got you covered. Dinner with the in-laws? Sorted. Big client meeting? We’re all over it. We want to change the way people shop, the way clothes are worn, and most importantly the way women feel.

"It’s a really interesting time for the fashion industry, and retail in general. Traditional ways in which consumers behave are changing, you only have to look at the Burberry scandal or the demise of department stores to see the shift. As consumers, we’re becoming more conscious of the health and environmental impacts of our decisions, so people now are actively seeking alternatives to buying. I see rental as something that has the power to disrupt and categorically improve a broken industry."

Zoe Partridge, Founder, Wear The Walk

Starsica’s SS19 collection, ‘Doctored Evidence: Be True to Yourself’ is a story inspired by the current realities of life learned through a variety of different experiences. Ike was inspired by a ‘cabinet’ of curiosities concept whereby a variety of seemingly different objects and experiences are gathered together in a ‘wonder room’. The collection is available to rent here.

What’re you waiting for? Vote with your pound and make a positive change by renting that special piece for your next event, date night or job interview!

Words by Annabel Waterhouse - Biggins