By Abdullah Abo Milhim, Program Leader of Postgraduate Courses and Lecturer in 
Economics, Finance, Strategy and Luxury

The final masterclass of the day was held by Abdullah Abo Milhim, program leader of postgraduate courses and lecturer in economics, finance, strategy and luxury. His talk was on ‘strategic branding, innovation and value creation in the age of big data’. He says, “I think that Fashion Scout is doing a great job in choosing a topic that is relevant for anyone thinking about starting fashion right now.”

With a focus on branding, technology and innovation in start-up companies, the talk began by discussing big data and how this is affecting businesses. He explored engagement with customers, branding and equity, and how the power of data can be used to understand the future, Abdullah explored the power of wealth and the importance of different marketing strategies for different sectors of wealth and how big data can be used as an insight into this.

Abdullah encouraged the designers to engage with the ever tech savvy consumer as there is a 10% increase year on year of internet use, with four times the amount of people using mobiles rather than desktops.

“Existing businesses are facing challenges coming from technology and consumers, but new businesses have bigger challenges because only when they get in do they realise how difficult it is.”


Words by Zoe Bennets