From slogan sweatshirts, to clashing prints and bold faux furs, Fashion Scout saw a broad array of intriguing street style outside of Freemasons Hall this season. In an era of influential bloggers and Fashionistas making statements through their chosen outfits, individual and personal styling has become a popular feature of London Fashion Week. 





Contrasting prints, and use of complimentary colours have been making an appearance in co-ords this season. The hint of emerald combined with the bold black, rust orange and mauve may to some seem an explosion of colour, but presents the diverse adoration for colour in distinctive cultures. Splashes of red are visible on the hoop earrings, complimented with the dash of green matching the assortment of emerald strokes on the skirt. The colours on the leopard print underlay are also apparent on the co-ord therefore not overpowering the look. 







Coats and jackets confidently escaping the back of our wardrobes is a reminder that British Summer Time is coming to an end. Blogging sisters Olivia and Alice wear quirky winter wear worked with monochrome colours to accentuate the warm orange and muted olive. Quilted puffer jackets are making a reappearance from the 90s, matched with elegant faux fur, preparing us for what styles may be making an arrival to stores for upcoming seasons. 





Statement slogan sweatshirts like this ‘Get off my back’ sweatshirt brought combinations of light base colours with bright memorable graphics. Soft textures juxtaposing the sharp, snappy statement matched with quirky checked tailored trousers and luminous red heels. The diverse textures of the basket bag, with the brushed sweatshirt captured eyes of many passers by complimented by the wearers dazzling cyan bob. 










STREETSTYLE_16Sept_ImagebyBisi (46 of 75).jpg


The extensive mix of styles featuring retro, high street trends and couture is a symbol of the anomalous and compelling world we live in. Fashion is in the vanguard for methods of self expression and displaying individuality, and London being one of the most multifarious cities in the world is the ideal place to share the passion for uniqueness. 


Words by Amber Whitaker