Ahead of the spring/summer 18 shows this September, we spoke with Tony Glenville, Creative Director at London College of Fashion, to hear his recommendations. Below are five designers whose shows you simply cannot miss. 


Apu Jan

Style comes in many forms and sometimes it whispers rather than shouts.

"Any woman buying and wearing the clothes created by Apu Jan is almost certain to have people ask"Where is that from? Who is it by?"

Since the beauty of these clothes is a quiet distinction. Control, care and attention to the fabric, mark out these designer every season; and every season these clothes,  alongside the live music always selected for the show, make it a special occasion.


Ones to Watch

What is more marvellous than getting to see the new, the special, the next, the beginning, the debut, the Ones to Watch.

"A series of collections bursting forth like new blossoms, or eager young colts. This is the moment when suddenly your heart beats faster and you realise how exciting a fashion show can be, and there's more than one talent on show. How brilliant is that?"

Pam Hogg

Legends are made by that extra something others lack. In Pam Hogg's case this is both a brilliant set of skills in cutting, constructing and making, plus a totally personal view on silhouette and colour. The swing of a full skirted fit 'n flare look in inky black can be followed by second skin dressing in neon and metallic geometrics. Aggressive punk swagger mixes with ballerina like wistfulness; yet the collection is 100% Pam and the party atmosphere and the brilliant audience of fans guarantee a Fashion Scout highlight.


Mark Fast

I have to confess a personal interest since I've known Mark since his very first dresses. I think the fact that his work is based around the great British tradition of knitting is truly wonderful.

"I think his ideas and creativity is really something special and I love what he does,  from his colour sense, through silhouette to the tiniest detailed thread holding a complex web together." 

In other words please put your hands together a applaud the amazing Mark Fast.


Theo VII

I loved the collection last season for its rigour, control and attitude. Fashion shown with a combination of supreme confidence and a throw away coolness, what the French call"dégagé ". In fashion terms the fluid, the the long and lean and the neutral colour palette can often mean droopy and pallid. TheoVII disproves this with clothes whose construction, silhouette and colours actually have a strength and almost grandeur which offers A true alternative to other fashion moods, themes and trends. Go and see them for style and inventiveness which quietly takes the centre stage and subverts other more obvious stories.


Words by Tony Glenville

Creative Director at London College of Fashion