Rickey Wesley Harriott is a Tottenham born designer whose urban environment remains the key influence of his work. Inspired by the powerful female figures in his life and the struggles they endured, Wesley Harriott’s collections embody the strength and resilience of the female character. Wesley recently won the ASOS Fashion Discovery competition, winning £50,000 and the opportunity to have his collection sold on ASOS.com. 


Harriott’s concepts for his SS19 collection are manifested throughout the pieces, where he consistently challenges this metaphor of and every day to do list felt by women. By creating silhouettes that encompass juxtaposing ideals of masculine and feminine, sexual and modest aiming to confuse the intentions of a woman’s visual communication. Men’s work shifts turn into corsetry, trench coats adapt in length, all further allowing the women in question to allow each piece to work with her rather than for her. 

The idea of a subconscious internal to do list felt by women is also visualised throughout the set design this season created in collaboration with contemporary artist Georgia Lucas Going, currently a scholar at the lee Alexander McQueen foundation. 


Words by Emma Mitchell