Ying Sheng Education's Fourteen Design Talents

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Showing at Fashion Scout SS20 this afternoon were fourteen, promising and talented young designers, whose work was selected by the school, Ying Sheng Education. This school has a program dedicated to selecting graduates and senior students to show their collections around the world. 

Whilst Ying Sheng Education has shown for eight years in a row, on the runways of New York Fashion Week, this year the graduating students won a position at Fashion Scout. After this show, the students will be entering some of the most prestigious fashion schools around the world, thus getting the chance to hone their fashion design skills and produce more beautiful garments. 

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Northeast Nancy, one of the most promising brands amongst the entire show, delivered a SS20 collection inspired by traditional Chinese opera. She referenced both traditional Chinese embroideries and the use of modern menswear tailoring.

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Designer, Nancy Wang told us about her use of the colours, blue and orange, which are predominant in her collection: “orange in particular is the “spirit colour” of my brand, as it mirrors the energy and creativity I see in the youth”.

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Another interesting show was put together by Jason/Weisen Hong, whose main inspiration was the Rococo period and the roaring twenties. In his collection, which saw a multitude of colours explode on the runway, Hong mainly used sheer fabrics that created an interesting and fascinating show. 

Wang Zhiyuan’s collection was a show highlight. Wang’s twelve garments were made of dark mesh. The pieces were part of a winter wear collection, characterised by a minimalistic but impactful style. Wang’s collection was inspired by the artistic world, and by the struggle and pain the designer sees behind the work of many great artists.

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Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Deborah Smith and Nici Eberl

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