Jera Creative Agency together with Fabusse bring to you “Seven Continents”. Seven Continents of Fashion was launched in Cannes 2018 during the Cannes Film Festival along the famous heart of “Croisette”, showcasing an eclectic mix of celebrated influential designers, film enthusiast, artists, representing seven continents. Seven Continents of Fashion is proud to be showcasing this season with celebrity designers in London at an exclusive slot - Fashion Scout. The Spring Summer London fashion show edition will feature the latest in high profile couture designers from across the world. This season, the designer showing with Seven Continents are:

In Couture

In Couture is a leading Turkish fashion company, with Turkish and international expertise. Possessing an indisputable flair for fashion, Ayman Alhamwi and Mohmmed Alselka have established this iconic haute couture company in 2013, in Istanbul. In Couture has a group of international designers who are led by Mohammed Alsalka who has extensive experience in fashion field and his own touch in haute couture. This enabled In Couture to create a number of specialized groups in the latest fashion trends throughout the year. The company has many stores around the world. It has about 185 selling points in the most important selling centers and fashion markets. After years of struggle and working hard, the company has created its own distinctive imprint in the fashion world of the evening dresses.

By Thaher

From Kuwait the “Private Collection” by Thaher Baqer for the S/Summer 2019, famously known for his signature collection amongst the Royals in the Middle East as well as celebrities, Thaher Baqer private collection is inspired from the world of crystal and the 20’s vibe where you can make a real show of luxurious nights and fabulous presence. The collection is all about crystal and femininity that reflect each women’s body and personality that is the definition of Thaher Baqer Couture. Thaher has participated in many fashion shows as Mercedes Benz fashion week show Doha, Kuwait fashion show and this is his annual fashion show in Kuwait fixed in his calendar and Doha shopping festival event shows. 

Nila Baharuddin

Nila Baharuddin is an international Fashion and Interior Designer and a Visual Merchandiser who’s designs are worn across the globe on fashion icons and celebrities. Nila has a MA Art degree from the Sugino Dressmaking College in Tokyo Japan. Leaving Japan after 18 years to pursue her studies in Visual Merchandising, Nila travelled across the globe to study at The Art Institute of Seattle, Washington USA. It’s from this point on that Nila began her ambitious and acclaimed career, beginning as a high end Visual Merchandiser, and winning Employee of the Year several times. An expert in making the best out of patterns and structures, Nila continues to create one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that gets her recognised by fashionistas and celebrities.

‘Kartikeya’ is the solo debut of the co-founder of Dozakh,- Nitin Kartikeya. Launched in 2013, the label strives to breathe a fresh new life into old world lore. Best described as a fleeting play on past eras– Kartikeya garments are heavily inspired by its founder’s dabble in theatre and film. His muse is a delicate concoction of old world heritage and romance for the arts. This paradoxical nature adds a feeling of avante garde and surrealism to each piece.The label is nourished by its roots in the faded opulence and magnificence of the Baroque era. Inspired by the legacy, culture and mythical nature of the old world, each garment is exclusively crafted by skilled artisans and infused with a sense of raw energy, appealing to the sartorial sensibilities of a global client.