At the Swedish School of Textiles, textiles and fashion are understood in their broadest sense. The work of the students pushes the aesthetic boundaries of the textile and fashion design field by creating challenging new expressions, innovative functions, alternative design methods and bold definitions.

Fashion design, at the Swedish School of Textiles, is understood in its broadest sense, making room for a vast number of perspectives on what it means to give form to the body: functionally and expressively. In a degree show, this broad understanding of fashion design is very evident. Here questions like: What does it mean to wear something? What new textile techniques for creating new kinds of clothing can be found? What are the norms for arranging clothing in relation to the body?

Or just simply: What is a garment? Sounds strange? It is not. Looks strange? It should not.

The students participating in Fashion Scout SS20 are:

Hedda Röök Carlson

Malin Ewen

Kristine Boström

Elin Arvidsson

Felicia Bexell

Elin Meijer

Linn Sjögren

Matilda Book

Ellen Larsson

Elin Blixt

Hanna Isaksson

Fredrik Möller

Irma Skjöth Hedlund

Tove Berner-Wik

Mattis Dallmann