Designer Tran Hung – The one who blows a wind of change into Vietnamese fashion. The title “First runner up of Project Runway Vietnam 2015” has brought to Vietnam fashion a new face - designer Tran Hung - who carries romantic inspirations that runs through his blood into his collections, with a totally different direction from current fashion designers and trends. With full elements of nature and nationality brought into each garment, Tran Hung always knows how to make his customers feel a-hundred-percent satisfaction with his passion put into each cloth and each hand embroidered detail.

Born and raised in the Northern of Vietnam, Tran Hung soon found his way to develop his career path and make the biggest decision of his life when he was young - he moved to the South. With his excellent skill in tailoring, designing, sharply modelling, and creative aesthetic mind, Tran Hung has the ability of meeting all the hardest design requirements. To him, Saigon is like a “promise land” for the artistic soul like him. Thanks to the childhood of North West nature and atmosphere which stayed with him, all of his designs transfer full ideas about the beauty of Vietnam and the world. These have been shown clearly through his “Peaceful Asia”, “Children’s books” , “The Lovers” and “Ville De Fleurs” collections.

One unique thing that marks the sutures of Tran Hung collections – all the looks are hand-woven with Silk, the traditional art of hand in Vietnam, from skilled hands of artisans in the traditional villages. Tran Hung’s muses appeared through the see-through, penetrating fabrics, which show off their curves in a very delicate way without exposing, subtly stimulate the curiosity of the opposite